Honestly, I have never been so disgusted with humans in my life before this point. There are omnivores, politarians, pescatarians, paleo, vegetarians, vegans, etc. Why is it that meat eaters are always saying that vegetarians and vegans are “always shoving their views down others’ throats”? It’s impossible watch television without seeing commercials for fast food and sit down restaurants serving animal products. Try taking a drive, see if you can go without seeing a billboard advertising for these restaurants. It truly pisses me off when people say that vegetarians and vegans are pushy with their views. Some are, and I do not support those vegetarians and vegans. Everyone has different views, not everyone has compassion for animals. Some people don’t care about their health. In no way am I saying it’s fine to act like you are better than someone just because you don’t eat animal products. BUT it’s also not okay to think you are better than someone else because you DO eat animal products. I’m a vegan and my boyfriend is starting to follow a paleo diet. Of course, I would love it if he didn’t eat animals at all. I’m not going to press my views on him, because that would be selfish of me. It’s his life and he will do what he wants. I will support my partner in whatever he wants to do… as long as he is healthy and happy. Why can’t we support one another? Too many non-vegetarians and non-vegans act like we are doing something wrong because we care about our health, the animals, and the planet we live on. I will never be the person to sit there and tell you that you have to be a vegetarian or a vegan to receive my acceptance. What I will do, is share with you the benefits of making the transition to a vegan diet. I will support you in anything you want to do to make yourself healthier. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spreading the word. I just want people to realize that not all vegetarians and vegans are like that. Not all of us are here to make you feel like an awful person for consuming animal products. Some of us understand that everyone in the world is different, we always will be. 

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